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Kurt Mortensen Services

Custom Audio / Video Installations and Integrated Control Systems
(415) 710-3687

CleverTech Logo
CleverTech hardware repairs for Apple devices.

They come to you and pick up for Free!
(408) 316-7600
1150 Murphy Ave #205, San Jose, CA 95131

High-Speed Wireless Broadband Service
Residential service: (650) 980-4011
Business service: (650) 980-4012

Apple Business Manager

Getting started with Apple Business Manager is easy, Apple will even help you.
Call: (866) 902-7144

Apple Business Manager Guide 

I Would Highly Recommend CorePoint360

I would highly recommend CorePoint360, with absolutely no reservations. They are knowledgeable about the various equipment options, and can work within your needs and budget. They don't have a single solution/brand that they try to force through. In addition to getting everything set-up correctly, they will leave you empowered to manage things, while still being available to answer questions or do any follow-up if needed.

Raj from Atherton
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